Cooking lessons in the Chianti Classico – “Sapori della Cucina Povera del Chianti”

 Are you interested in learning how to prepare typical Tuscan dishes yourself? Dishes you normally wont find on the menus of local restaurants? Delicious, authentic food, its recipes passed down through generations, and which dear friends were willing to share with me.
Join us in of of our real hands-on cooking classes in a family-style country kitchen.
Surprise your friends and family at home with a delicious, authentic Italian dish made by yourself. We offer dishes that may easily be prepared back at home no matter where you live. And we naturally also do vegetarian courses. Take one of our lunch or evening cooking classes. We really put you to work, teaching mostly typical local dishes using preferably vegetables and herbs from our the garden, eggs from our chickens, meat from our lambs or wild game and mushrooms gathered from the surrounding woods.
During our extended half-day courses - if you can spare a bit more time then 3 hours – we also take you shopping in the local street markets – explaining vegetables and other food and their use in the kitchen, thus experiencing a bit of the everyday Italian way of life and surely you would be learning also some Italian.
Perhaps we might even do some cheese and salami tasting, maybe with a glass of wine? Learning about the famous balsamico vinegar during another tasting. If you would like to share this experience with others, cook, eat and drink with them, then you have come to the right place. We will prepare an 4 course menu (also vegetarian), using seasonal food. The rules go: the more cooks, the more dishes!
You may naturally also book private lessons.

Children may cook too, provide they tall enough to easily work on the working counter and can handle knives.

We offer a basic 3 hour course:
11:00 to 14:00 hours – with Lunch or
17:00 to 20:00 hours - with Dinner
Half-day Course with shopping, tasting etc.
10:00 to 15:00 hours.

Rates vary depending on number of participants. They include instruction, preparation, dining and all standard beverages. Friends and family members may join in the dining as paying guests