Chianti 3D Archery Range


Finally Archery Vacation in Tuscany !!!!

  Chianti 3D Archery is on its best way to become the largest privatly owned archery location in Italy.

The first 18 position 3D range was built in March 2015 by German born Fabian Eder , a dedicated longbow archer and multiple tournament winner . He imbedded the range into the hills and slopes of a natural preserve area and strict no-hunting zone of pine and oaks woods and the typical Tuscan hill macchia.

Chianti 3D Archery is part of the extended 76 ha large property of the Agriturismo vacation rentals of Poderi Val Verde, an authentic 15th century Tuscan farm estate owned by his family for the past 20 years.

With regards to the WBHC 2017, for which the 1. range was used as excersise range it was extended to 28 positions and a 2. range with 14 positions was inaugurated.

And we will not stop there.

The 28 position range will be extended to 30 positons and the 3. range with 28 position IFAA will be inaugurated on 30/31 March 2018 with our official

1. Easter Tournament

Naturally there is also a large shady excercise field.

Life-sized 3D targets, mainly SRT and Franzbogen ranging from bear to deer, from rat to crow, wolfes, foxes, boars etc. etc. are all set at long and short distances with challanging up- and downhill shots. There is also a moving target, and elevated stand, picnic areas as well as a challanging shot per range - 1 of 107m and 1 of 127m!!!

Hundreds of archers from all over the world, also during the past WBHC, complimented Chianti 3D Archery on its challenging ranges , the perfect location and stupendous surrounding and is friendly , efficient service.

A valley full of ranges - valley of the archers - in front of the proper vacation rental doorstep.

we gladly teach “Not-Archers” the secrets and fascination of traditional archery.

The 1. range also called “house range” can be divided in three rounds, a short 6 target "after work" round, another 15-16 target round and the full size round of all targets. Due to its sunny position the 2. range is perfect for a morning or late afternoon round.

The slopes and inclined terrain and the off and on adventurous walkways ask for sturdy footwear and good physical fitness.

Next to the 3D archery ranges, one will find also perfect conditions for trekking and biking.

Easy to reach Poderi Val Verde is located in the heart of Tuscany, in the Chianti hills, only 3km away from Castellina in Chianti and within less then 1 hrs. drive of all major Tuscan sights.

We are looking forward to welcome you at the Chianti 3D Archery Center.